Knock Knock City

On-demand bag and luggage storage in NYC

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Very good ideas guys.There is a huge demand for this type of problem in India.Hope to see you soon in India. So how do you ensure my luggage will be safe when I return.Who is the host here?
@debasispanda Thanks for reaching out! Like you mentioned there is a huge demand, and we look forward to bringing Knock Knock City to India in the near future! Storage on-demand for bags and luggage is a rising travel topic. Our hosts are business locations as coffee shops, stores, boutiques, tailor shops that have extra available private space. Safety of your luggage is highly taken into consideration to ensure you a peace of mind. We interview our hosts in person and hand pick each of them, as well as training them. We also provide our hosts with uniquely numbered zipties so they can seal your item(s) when you drop off, this way, no one could access inside your bag. All liability topics are covered under our terms&conditions agreement. Last but not least, as with any other sharing economy platform, we are building a rating system and follow up with our customers to learn about their experience, to provide a safe and healthy community growth.