Knock 2.0

Unlock your Mac quickly and securely. Now with Apple Watch.

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Thanks, everyone. We'd love to make Android support some day, but we are a really small team. Two people!
@quicklywilliam I'm the only developer on a team of 3, so I know those feels. Very cool product, maybe I'll start carrying around my iPod Touch ;)
@quicklywilliam Love the app and use it everyday. Cool that you added in Touch ID support, had been tempted by your competitors that had that. I love the admin password support, one weird screen where it trips up for me though is in the keychain. For some reason when you want to view a password it makes you put your password in once, and then a second time put in both username and password. I'm guessing Knock doesn't work due to the absence of a username, and that's one unavoidable edge case probably. Either way love the app, and how smooth it makes me look every time :)
:( No android support.
I use Knock everyday and love it.
New version with watch support.
Also, a heads up: Knock 2.0 still 4 bucks today but tomorrow we’re raising the price with the release of Apple Watch!
@quicklywilliam congrats on the Apple Watch app. Looks great. How have sales been so far?