Between a call and a text!

At first I was like "sigh, another messaging app?" But this actually looks *really* useful, even with a tiny contact list (which is usually my main hurdle with a new messaging app, so that's really saying something).
@clarklab Glad you liked it. Have you started using it? looking forward to some feedback.
A lot of the India press has compared this to Yo. Interesting app that gives a quick one-swipe way to respond to a message. Also, it has the urgency factor by requiring you to respond within 60 seconds of getting a "call".
Great idea! I think this might be the first app ever to launch on Android first. lol
@FelixReznik A lot of apps in India and other SEA markets launch Android-first. iOS has negligible share in India (less than 5% when I last checked).
@pandurang Makes sense then. I think it's a really novel idea and should work out for them well. I'd use it. But I'm iOS. So going to have to wait. :(
Knock started off when we realized that a huge fraction of the calls we make are "status calls" - calls which can be answered in a word, but not sent as messages because of urgency. What we have with knock, is the best of both worlds.. Ease of texting coupled with the urgency of calling. As you send a knock, your friend will see it on their screen, with the ringtone of an incoming call. 60 seconds to reply, and you see the response right on your home screen! Do try the app, would love to get feedback!
@vennindoubt Great lightweight concept. The landing page desperately needs an actual visual of what the message looks likes for both parties, IMO.
@dshan feedback taken! We do have good screenshots in the play store. Have you played around with the app?
I really like this. One of those apps that makes wish I was Android.
@KristoferTM We will let you know as soon as we have the iOS version. Or are you on Windows?