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KnoBis is a knowledge base software that allows companies to capture and organize knowledge generated in teams, and make it shareable and accessible to those who need them. It boosts employee productivity and its social elements fuel employee engagement. What is different about KnoBis? Over the years, knowledge base systems have become very hard to use and require a lot of maintenance. KnoBis is simple, intuitive and requires no training. We understand knowledge is created not just in the form of documents and long form articles but also in conversations. KnoBis allows you to capture knowledge, whether they be in any kind, and make it accessible at your place of choice, e.g. your Slack channel. How can you access KnoBis? KnoBis is available as a standalone web version on The user can sign up and get started in less than a minute. KnoBis also has a deep integration with Slack that allows Slack users to capture and access knowledge right from their Slack channels. KnoBis can be integrated with Slack from here: Key Features about KnoBis 1. Capture knowledge in any format: rich text articles, multimedia files, Q&A, playbooks, etc. 2. Powerful search with the ability to search through documents, such as PDF and Word 3. Configurable taxonomy and user role management 4. Inbuilt content health monitoring engine that suggests content that needs to be improved or content that should be added to the system. 5. Built-in versioning system along with in-browser experience to read article attachments ensures team members always have access to the latest and greatest.