Create & sell custom socks ("Teespring for socks")

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Several months ago, @matmullen from Slack sent me Slack Socks. I shared a picture, envious of their swag. I've been waiting for an easy way to create Product Hunt socks (hoping Teespring would expand beyond shirts soon cc @jaltma). Admittedly, knitout's site looks a bit unpolished but that's expected as a brand new site. We're trying it out with these lovely PH socks. Snag one here.
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@rrhoover but Ryan, why are they argyle too?? doesn't PH have its own pattern?? like mini catnip clumps or something....
@rrhoover But how do I get slack socks?! A guy in my office has them!!
@rrhoover That was my brief moment of fame on Twitter. We're on version 3 of our socks at Slack, best shwag I've received from any company (completely biased of course).
Love it! You should allow for custom HEX colors in the editor. Check it @rrhoover
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@mrpatrickrogers i would buy these in a heartbeat!!
Radical concept!
As someone who tries to wear a crazy pair of socks to work everyday - love this!
Are the socks sublimated?
@frankdenbow Hey Frank, All our socks are knit.