3D Printing for your digital wardrobe

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One less skill I need to learn in my life: knitting, there is a machine for that! My creative mind is not limited anymore by what my hands can do, and I won't need to ask my grandma to knit it for me. This project is the perfect tool for local creators to iterate on their prototype and be reactive with their audience's demand. They are running a successful campaign on Kickstarter and are part of the biggest hardware accelerator: HAX! Definitively think "printers" like this empower local entrepreneurs. Plus it's made in Barcelona :)
Hi all! I'm one of the co-founders of Kniterate. This journey was started by @ge_rubio who in 2014 made his OpenKnit project public, back in Barcelona. He set out to build a machine to democratize fashion manufacturing in the way 3D printing is revolutionizing other industries. Not only for small businesses or the cottage industry. We want to see Kniterate in community spaces like makerspaces and libraries, design schools and research labs. We imagine a world where people have access to it to make bespoke fashion or to create the next cool wearable startup and build a apps that connect with your garments. We are a global startup moving between the UK, USA and China. We were part of the HAX accelerator in Shenzhen, and collaborate with UK design institutions like RCA and LCF. Thanks!
Looks great etc - But huge respect for that brand name! 👊
@darrenmoore488 Thanks! Co-founder Tom Catling came up with it.
For the cat 🐠
Love it! It looks so sleek. I can definitely see it in a fashion design studio, sitting on a table right next to a mannequin that's waiting for the next bit of knitware to try on. I'm sure textile makers and designers everywhere will be happy to have this in their studios to speed up their workflow.