Leave hidden notes for your friends to discover

I've always liked this kind of idea. It would be cool to be able to drop files for people to pick up at a certain location; a friend could leave a news article concerning a landmark for instance.
@Simonatpaddle that's a great idea! The exciting thing about this app is all the possibilities for expansion. We're always thinking of new things you could leave, but wanted to start simple, with plain text notes, to see how viable the idea is.
I could have fun with this. :) Unfortunately, that's that's a big hurdle with this app in particularly because the "aha! moment" isn't immediately. For example, when you first saw an Instagram photo, its uniqueness and the "reward" was immediate. The beautiful photos inspired people to download the app so they can be one of the cool kids. On Knit, I imagine their first moment of true delight is when they receive their first location-based message which requires them to first download the app and that may not occur until several hours or days later. I'm curious how you're thinking about this, @andrewprocter.
@rrhoover You nailed it. It's something we're struggling with. We've toyed with the idea of adding "Knit Bot" user to everyone's friends list on signup, that would leave them a note nearby. So the first time they move around after installing the app they would receive a note. The aha! moment is still delayed but at least it's guaranteed to happen.
@rrhoover Great Points, ryan. Guess Gowalla app started this trend with its item and notes which allowed you to leave a message or item for someone else to discover at that location. They later pulled down these two features because of less adoption among their userbase. Checkout these similar apps Drop Messages Traces Mezy Kites Marko and Findery also help you leave a message at a location.
Thanks for checking out our app! Feel free to leave us any feedback or suggestions.
@jonrundle When I was in college, my friends and I would leave notes and pretty postcards for each other in library books that were unlikely to get checked out and would e-mail each other the # to find the book to get the notes. :)
@nikkielizdemere Nice! that's a fun idea :)
It would be interesting to pull in facts from wikipedia to landmarks, neighborhoods, etc That could keep the user engaged to find more, also potential revenue source as notes from brands.
@dswiese yeah we've had a couple people mention notes at landmarks, it's an interesting idea. We wanted notes to feel very personal though, especially at first. We're open to all of these ideas though. Now that the basic note finding platform is done, expansion/changes have us really excited.
Saw this on Designer News yesterday and I love the idea - I mentioned it already there, but I'll add here that I'd love to see this expand to include leaving notes for the general public (or even groups of people, to help with scavenger hunt type things) too.
@ashleykolodziej yeah, I'm a fan of this idea. I think the first step is the ability to leave group messages to more than one person in your friends list at a time, which is something we're exploring now.