Autonomous robots that predict and prevent crime

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Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
on some Minority Report ish - this is insane.
Shawn Borsky
Shawn Borsky@shawnborsky · Design Lead, Mobile - Blizzard
Really interesting to see a combination of hardware and tackling really legit issues. I am quite interested in "exactly" what it actually does but conceptually its quite cool. I think the "how it works" could be more clear. Does it just send its alerts to law enforcement? or does it make a ton of noise and flash lights? Or are we talking concealed tranquilizer darts?" Either way, the site is a little confusing on those details but I guess its just more because I am curious. Also, initially a read it as "Anonymous robots..."
Elliot Loh
Elliot Loh@loh · Product Designer
I imagine the size, shape, and locomotion system are so that it can patrol/see roughly the same places a human can, but it looks vulnerable to being tipped over. Maybe it's for indoors/lower risk deployments?
Alexandria Embleton
Alexandria Embleton@alexinhwood · Marketing Consultant
Did you hear about their "mini-ipo?"
Andrej Kiricov
Andrej Kiricov@andrej_kiricov · Co-founder-COO @soundBYTE App