Knight IO

a real-time, funny & casual, cross-platform game

Knight IO is a real-time, cross platform, jousting game for people of all ages.

You can play online, offline, with your friends or by yourself.

Chat with millions of players from around the world.

Find Knight IO on iOS, tvOS and Google Play!

Happy to answer any questions or feedback about the game here on ProductHunt!

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Ben Radcliffe
Ben Radcliffe@bsradcliffe · Designer @ Capital One. I make bank. 🏦
"Collect the blue gems to increase your weapon length." Is this a Viagra joke? Please be a Viagra joke.
Christian Calderon
Christian CalderonMaker@caldie · Super Happy Fun Time
@bsradcliffe Hahaha no, we should probably change them to dots or something. Thanks for playing!
Alex Rosen
Alex Rosen@alexmr · Co-founder at Sense
looks awesome! can't wait to play. nice job @caldie and team :)
Darrin Malone
Darrin Malone@darrinmalone · little engine inc, President
Pre Registered On Google Play. Excited to try!
Jay Hong
Jay Hong@jaehong1989 · Studying Product Management at GA
Hey I have been trying to figure out how to play with my friends. Can you tell me how? I see my friends that are on but can't seem to play with them or even talk on the same channel
Christian Calderon
Christian CalderonMaker@caldie · Super Happy Fun Time
@jaehong1989 Hi Jay - we just updated the game, it will now allow you to play with your friends. Just click the play button next to their name when they are online.
Albert@pal9001 · Aspiring writer
Can't wait to try this out!