Introducing the #NewKlout.

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Corey Gwin
Corey GwinHunter@corey_gwin · I make stuff. 👨🏻‍💻☕️ Building Blurt.app.
"Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new version of Klout that helps you not only measure your influence, but also increase it." Looks like @klout is offering a new feature that is essentially @buffer. Makes sense to me. Not that one's Klout score is definitive, but I often check it to get a sense of "social influence" and their Chrome extension on Twitter gives you a sense of one's activity/influence. It follows that they would offer a means to help you improve your Klout score. How long until @buffer starts offering scores for its users? :P I agree, I don't think @buffer has anything to worry about here having garnered quite an audience.
Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy@scott_kennedy · CEO, OpenLabel
​"Effective, May 25, 2018, Lithium has sunset the Klout service."
Jason Evanish
Jason Evanish@evanish · CEO GetLighthouse.com for managers
I spent some time poking around and I didn't really get it. Seems like at least for now they're just trying to make it easy for you to share content in the fields you're interested in, potentially without even reading. I'm not sure how deep a pain point that is for people given how many discovery engines there are for content already. I do wonder though: with all these content recommendation tools...is there a potential ad network play to get your content into these recommendation engines to increase the virality of your content? (Not unlike promoted tweets, but instead in all these products that recommend posts) I don't think Buffer has anything to worry about; they have a tremendous brand, people know exactly what Buffer does and it's so cheap, a heavily venture-backed business could never compete with their freemium + $10/mo plans.