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This looks great, guys! As a CloudFlare user, I'm interested in how the two compare and somewhat worried by the chart on your website, which says CloudFlare's free tier doesn't offer DDoS protection (it does) and has 24-hour activation time (it doesn't—it's "up to" 24 hours but almost never takes that long). Could you tell us a bit more about how you see Kloudsec fitting in alongside CloudFlare? As an existing user of the latter, what might compel me to switch?
@mostlymarius Good question! I'll answer it from 2 perspectives. 1) **Minimal requirements**: To use Cloudflare, you have to move your entire nameserver to their server. This is a huge requirement. For Kloudsec, we only need you to point your website to our IP address. That's it! 2) **Product differences**: At our core, both CF and Kloudsec use similar tech - reverse proxy. However, CF is one tightly bundled product in one. Kloudsec says, let everything be an app on top of the CDN layer. Which is why every feature is an optional plugin.
@nubela @mostlymarius DNS migration isn't a big deal considering you will need to set an A record here any ways. I will give this a shot on one of my sites.
Kloudsec advertises immediate activation time on the pricing page. If I have an existing website and I reconfigure the nameservers to point to Kloudsec, would the switch happen with 0 downtime?
@dylanjha Hi, CEO/Dev of Kloudsec here. We don't change nameservers, only DNS A records. We do not require you to move over your entire DNS stack to us like Cloudflare. So as is with DNS, there is 0 downtime.
Describe in detail how Kloudsec way to resolve issues that he found?
@nymdar4eg Kloudsec provides the fundamental plugins for free (SSL, CDN, Pagespeed site compression, etc). Then there are premium plugins for more niche problems. Need to protect your site from buggy programming? Enable the `Offline Protection` plugin. Need to block bots from your site? Enable `Webshield` plugin.
I'm always hesitant when a service says it's free forever. How will you be making money from this?
@deanperry The basic features of CDN and SSL are free, however if you check out our pricing page, you'll see the premium plugins like Offline Protection, etc, are paid for.
I tested KloudSec today for my one page personal site that is hosted on Github pages. It turned out site was slower than normal with KloudSec. It is a super simple landing page with one image and one css file. I guess the advertised speed boost hurts than it helps for such tiny sites.
@sasindumendis However if you hosting your site on Github and need https, Kloudsec looks like the easier way than CloudFlare.
@nubela Will I be able to use GitHub Pages along with SSL via KloudSec? If yes, you have a loyal customer right here :)