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I saw Truebill posted a few weeks ago and I was reminded of a company called Kloud View that won a hackathon earlier this year with something similar, except for businesses to manage their SaaS apps. Their platform works by using machine learning to makes sense of the only place spending data exists; email and credit card transactions. Having co-founded a startup in the past, I remember what it was like to try to manage all the different SaaS apps in our arsenal and it wasn't so easy. Rob and Alex have really hit on a pain point that a lot of startups and others suffer from and they've found an elegant solution.
Thx for sharing @uxandrew! Alex and I started Kloud View as a side project at our last startup because we had a hard time just keeping track of the apps we used. It seemed like we signed up for new apps every week. We entered the MVP into a hackathon (https://context.io/hack-winners) and ended up winning it, so we thought we should quit and go full-time on it. The platform is free for most freelancers and startups that only require a single account. We have spent a lot of time on the machine learning component that really does all the work. It isn't perfect yet, but as more people sign up and we add more data to the corpus our accuracy will improve. Happy to answer any questions. Thanks!
Congrats, this would have a big potential. I have contacted you for a potential partnership
Great idea guys. I'm kind of afraid to use it though. I get a little carried away sometimes.
@larrykokoszka that's why we built it! We will be introducing some features over the next few weeks that will help you stay on top of spending and be more proactive.