A quick and handy time zone converter widget for iOS

#4 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2015

When you live across the world, finding a time to talk – whether it’s about work, the weather or the weekend – can be a logistical challenge. We wanted to find a way to take the hassle out of figuring out time zones and constantly calculating time differences.

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1 Review5.0/5
Great app.. I would love to get this on my Mac as an app or widget...
@bopfger Thanks! You're not the first person to say that. Definitely food for thought ;)
I have been wanting something like this. Looks great!
Really like the app icon and the widget design, especially when the iOS World Clock doesn't have a widget (yet).
@thkeen love the icon
Love the icon design, really well done.
@meiwin Thanks! It was fun to design the icon.
@mkjlw @meiwin it's one of those really nice 'when you see it' icons. Well done!
The widget looks amazing!
@ngszekiat Thanks Scott. Glad you like it! :)