Share your clipboard via readable URLs

Need to share text across multiple devices?

Don't have your email logged in on a new device?

It's no Problemo! Just paste content in a klip of your choice and visit the same URL on another device.

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πŸŽ‰ I'm so happy to be πŸš€ launching this! πŸŽ‰ I had the idea to make this around a month ago when I was super busy and tweeted it. Last week, I stumbled upon a the mockup I made of it and decided to challenge myself to ⛡️ ship it in a month. I thought it was going to take a long time because I didn't know any Swift and was using Clojure for the back end, which I never used before. Surprisingly in 7 days I ended up having a working product ready for launch! Now I'm here to πŸš€ launch, but most importantly to get πŸ“£ feedback and πŸ’‘ ideas on how to improve this and what I should build next. Happy hunting, Ferruccio :)
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@frcbls Congratulations on this launch!
@frcbls Awesome! This is such a simple but nice idea.
@frcbls Hi Ferruccio, congrats on the launch! What are your monetisation plans? WIll Klipped stay free forever?

Great work! Really excited to see where this product heads.

It's on my menu bar :)


Killer for copying things quickly between Macs

Super easy to share to friends - share the url and done


None so far

hey thanks for the kind words @ftxrc I really appreciate all your feedback!

Nice and simple app ... :) good work


Super easy to share text n images


None so far

thanks @nauticality ! I can't be thankful enough to you for finding the name and domain for klipped.in
Awesome product @frcbls, I've been wanting to create something like this for a long time! Glad to see a really neat version being made by someone else. Although I'm a mac user, I guess folks on Windows would feel sad, but to be honest, having the web version is already enough for me. What about having a user account where I can login to see all my previous "klips"? Are these clips encrypted? Can I deleted the old ones? Looks really cool, and very clean design! πŸ™Œ
@owenfar1 Thanks a lot Owen. I knew there were other people like you having this same idea that would use this :) Answering your questions: 1) User accounts are on my mental roadmap, but I'm thinking about only requiring accounts for premium features. At the moment every time a value on a klip is updated, the previous one is overwritten and deleted, for premium users it might be a good idea to have a history. 2) Klips aren't encrypted at the moment, they are public on the internet, for anyone to access them, so no need for encryption. Private clipboards of premium users would be encrypted though and maybe i could introduce "password protected" klips too. 3) Answered in 1)
The video is on point πŸ‘ Congrats on launching it in under a week πŸŽ‰
@deadcoder0904 it took me a long time to find that lo-fi hip hop tune πŸ˜‚