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The most obvious question missing from the FAQ... How much?
@gerbz Answered later on in a different comment: "Initially, beginning in October, KLIO will be available for pre-orders (expected to ship in November) only at KLIOart.com. Prices range from $999 to $2,499, depending on model."
@p_ngu @gerbz That's correct. Thanks for commenting!
@p_ngu @gerbz prices all shown now on our order page, fully open for orders - http://www.klioart.com/store/
Klio allows people to subscribe and buy from their favorite digital artists. Also supports cinemagraphs and 4k video.
Have been an early user of the EO1 by Electric Objects and have enjoyed it immensely so I'm excited to see new offerings in the space too. Few questions: 1. The app interface looks like you'll be able to upload your own art but will you be able to share it with other users (for free) or is the art uploaded limited to your own device? 2. Similar to the above, will artists be curated/selected by your team or will there be limited oversight as to what is uploaded to share/buy/rent/etc.? 3. How did you come up with the name?
@p_ngu 1. Initially, users can upload their photos. As we evolve our Klio platform, we are considering adding functionality that will allow users to upload other art forms too (videos, live photos, etc.). We’re also considering adding sharing capabilities. Our main concern/goal will be to protect the artists and ensuring their work is shared and viewed under their licenses. 2. The device includes a 1-year subscription of digital art by a group of artists we’re currently collaborating with. We’re also considering enhancing our platform by adding an ArtStore. At that time, we will have limited oversight to ensure appropriate content and we will allow the artists to upload, market and price their art (similarly to an AppStore model). 3. We named Klio in honor of the Greek muse “Clio” or “Kleio.” We wanted the name to imply a mesmerizing experience that evokes the limitlessness of digital art (hence the idea of a muse providing endless inspiration). We also felt that “Klio” evokes something human than has the power to turn a digital experience into something persona
I love to see more companies getting into this space. I've been wanting a great digital frame for years. I can't wait to display cinemagraphs and see people's reactions when they notice the subtle movement!
@escher0 We are excited too! Our digital art device can display cinemagraphs + many more digital art forms. You can learn more about them in our FAQ here: http://www.klioart.com/faq/
Is the surface matte or glossy? In mu opinion, it has to be matte for this purpose.
@konradcaban Our screen has a subtle semi-gloss finish that was designed for optimum viewing of all art types from classic to cinemagraphs.