Get a box with epic climbing gear every 2 months

KLIFBOX is a bimonthly subscription box for climbers. Whether you are an outdoor beginner or a gear guru, we’ll surprise you every two months with a brand new mix of products worth $120+.

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Yo PH, stoked to be (back) here - big up @__tosh - in case you're curious to see what could be in the mix; check out that unboxing video of our very first box by Natalie (Duran - rock-climber & ninja warrior) =>
Congratulations on the launch of this @__tosh @k7vin @gaylord_roukine. I've been a fan of the KRAK project for a long time, with obvious bias (NUMA and Hot DesQ alumni), and I'm keen to see how the climbing pack goes. As a climber I've found I go in waves with my gear. Stocking up before a trip for what I need, and then only replacing what wears out of time (or gets lost, loaned out or left behind). And because of startup founder life I don't get as much time to play these days (ironically I climb less since moving to San Francisco than back in Brisbane!). When Kevin first asked me about climbing, back in Fishburners in Brisbane if I remember right, I've wondered if this would help me keep the excitement level up and hit the rock more. Plus some interesting gear to play with. One thing I'd love to see as a regular theme in packs like this is some kind of compound interest in technique. Maybe a new knot or rope technique to learn each time (some kind of insert/graphic each kit?). A little bit to learn each time on top of the awesomness of kit. Either way, congrats on the launch! Looking forward to catching you guys somewhere in the world again soon (sneaky trip to the Calanques, peut-être?).
@davedri thanks a ton for your kind words Dave - you know I mean it ;) And surely we'll catch up sometime in the US / Australia next year - climbing sesh & bbq sound right to me haha! To jump on your suggestion I totally agree! That's why we wanted to write & print our own zine; that looks like the best medium possible to introduce new techniques & advices on a regular basis & to keep everyone excited every time. Look forward to catching you too; peace!
Thanks a lot @__tosh for the heads up and 'HI' to all hunters. I'm the guy behind the social network ilooove.it and we just launched this new product: KLIFBOX. I fall in love with climbing the first time I touch a wall. I went crazy ever since to spread the joy and beauty of this wonderful passion. I started with a Facebook page 9 years ago named 'I Love Climbing'. Then we launched a social network for climbers. Our goal is to help people to share their passion, discover new spot and meet climbers in an inspiring way. Now we're happy to launch a box for climbers. Our goal here is to surprise you at home every 2 months; no matter your level. We want to create that feeling of excitement we all used to get when we were kid. There is so much to discover in our culture. We want to spread this and help everyone to dig more and more into it. Our mission is straightforward: climb the world! We want to boost the creativity and the motivation of the climbers to go outside and discover the beautiful outdoor. We're open to any feedback and are dying to receive your questions. Enjoy the climb and we look forward to talking with you.
This is kool!
@gui_lhem Hey Guilhem! Glad you like it! If you have any questions shot them :-)

As a passionate climber, I really felt like I am treating myself every 2 months with this box. I was quite stoked to receive a grigri, knowing how much they cost. Apart from the value for money, the mix of products is definitely creating an experience that I would never have if I was going to the shop to buy the same products. So well done @gaylord_roukine, @k7vin, you're crafting a perfect gift, either for yourself or someone you love!


Great value for money. I especially like the variety of products inside, ranging from gear to DVDs and events.


There's no real alternative that I know to compare with.

Pretty awesome! Where do you ship?
Thanks for your question @drouq_ we are currently shipping to France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United States. We look forward to shipping to more countries next year :-)
@gaylord_roukine Great :) When I see the price of the box and what's in it... it's a steal!!