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We started Klets while running own design and development consultancy business. There really wasn't an easy way to have a quick chat with potential clients or new hires. Therefore, people resorted to phone calls and emails, which are both inferior to chat in many cases. And to add someone you only just met as your Facebook friend, Skype or Whatsapp contact didn't feel right either. So we created Klets to solve this problem. On Klets, you make a “chat page” that drops visitors right into a private chat with you. Tell the right people about your Klets page address (e.g. klets.com/joshua), and they can instantly message you without downloading or registering for anything. While we've only just launched in private beta, our launching customers already include awesome Dutch companies like Rabobank, Tam Tam, Rockstart, Delft University and Burst Digital at the time of writing. Klets is helping them in recruitment, getting leads, and customer loyalty through awesome customer support. Now, we're ready to set up more businesses – so come get your Klets page today!
We've been using Klets with kollekt.fm for some time now. One of the things we love are the easy setup (integrating it with our platform didn't take advanced integrations) and the simple, minimalistic design. Besides that, Joshua and Egbert are a great team so I expect Klets to improve a lot over the coming weeks!
@juliangijsen thanks for the love Julian!
Cool idea! Curious why there isn't an option to chat you guys through your website though...it would be a nice way to try out the product and hear directly from you.
@tmyknze there is! But obviously not clear enough. Will fix that. You can reach us at klets.com/klets!
That's interesting, i will start using it and give u some feedback from my experience using it. Good luck
@joshschoen @mbalkini i am liking it so much and i found my self referring it to some of my colleges yesterday
@mbalkini that's awesome, thanks a lot! Let's chat: klets.com/joshua.
Love these guys! I think it's a nifty tool and love to get my hands on it
@bartjezzz awesome, thanks Bart! :)