Klear for iOS

Insights to help you improve your Twitter strategy

A nice tool for social media managers or for people who just want to make sure they're leveraging Twitter for maximum results. Klear makes it easier to analyse your use of the platform, and how you could improve engagement by highlighting influencers and making introductions.
@riaface Thanks for hunting us Ria, and for the great summary of our new product, might steal it ;).
Very nice execution. Would be nice if I could define goals - like find people who are in an industry I'm looking to meet or suggest conversations I should participate in. Very cool.
@gileyal Thank you for the great feedback and suggestion Gil. I totally agree that Goals could be a great way to take it to the next step, we tried to make it as simple as possible as a beginning.
@gileyal Thanks Gil. If you happen to have on-going feedback, please remember to bump it over.
Hi Ria, thank you for hunting our brand new iOS app. I’m Eytan, Founder & CEO at klear.com, happy to answer any questions you might have. The app is designed to help you become an influencer in fields you care about with smart daily opportunities. Twitter can be a bit overwhelming and many users tend have a hard time understanding how to seize its potential. We believe the real magic happens when you create relationships with people you've never met and share mutual interests with. Hopefully, our new app will help you do just that. Looking forward to hearing what you think about Klear for iOS!
@normal_ppl totally agree about the power of creating relationships. We have been using some homebrewn stuff for this. Will try out your app! Cheers!
@rameshdot0 Great, let me know what you find Ramesh. We did our best to make it simpler to create real relationships
@rameshdot0 @normal_ppl If you ended up trying it out Ramesh would love to get your feedback: n@klear.com
I didn't use to be much of a Twitter guy until I tried what over time became Klear. I can pretty much say that you guys on-boarded me to Twitter and succeeded where many else tried and failed. How did you guys come up with the idea?
@yonidariel Thanks Yoni! If I had to say one eureka moment it would be going through Twitter's on-boarding and being suggested to follow @rihanna. Just like many others, it also took me time to get the magic of Twitter, and being able to create&maintain relationships with influencers in my space was what made it for me, hopefully we'll be able to help others do just that. People don't always get that, but when I bought my new macbook it was after the creator or Ruby (http://klear.com/profile/dhh) assured me it's strong enough as a dev machine), when I had an SEO concern Rand Fishkin (http://klear.com/profile/randfish) came to the rescue. This won't happen on Facebook, and it kills me to sometimes see Twitter trying to be something else, because it's a waste of who they are.
@yonidariel btw if you have any feedback/ideas while using the app, please send them over: n@klear.com
Do you have an app for Android yet? Any ETA?
@aaronzakowski Hi Aaron, It's in our plans but it will take a few months at least. We do have a web\mobile-web versions which I hope you can find useful in the meantime. http://klear.com/profile/aaronza...
@normal_ppl Thanks Eytan, I'll definitely check out the desktop version.