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A handy little tool that not only shows you who is an influencer but it also shows the expertise of people and how friendly they are.
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@hnshah Thank you for hunting us Hiten!
@hnshah You've always been an inspiring Twitter user Hiten! I do hope your hunt will help others become a bit more like yourself. TYVM
Hey Hunters, My name is Eytan, Founder & CEO at klear.com, I like to build stuff. I always try to see how we can utilize smart algorithms to build simple tools that make our daily tasks easier. The Klear chrome extension lets you access social insights, directly inside your twitter feed. These consist of: Influence - how influential a user is, on a Top X% scale Expertise - Is this user an expert in a specific skill Responsive - Is this user friendly, does he communicate with others on Twitter. How do we measure these? Our data science team's mission is to analyze the billions of interactions that happen every day on social networks, and extract valuable insights. This is what fuels the Klear social intelligence platform which helps some of the biggest brands in the world do smarter Influencer Marketing and Social Analytics. Why do you need this? Twitter just celebrated 10, and if you use it you know it can be the most "social" network, but can also be "too much" at times. We want to help you focus on the users that matter when browsing through your feed or search, and to get a glimpse on who it is on the other side. I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to AMA.
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I have admired this product for a while but honestly the high price tag really put me off as a business user - i'm not sure if it would be worth the high cost for me at this stage and i didn't know how well the free version worked. But this chrome extension is actually a really good way of getting me into the product hassle free or without me having to input any of my details (Klear pulled my data from my Twitter for me - yay!). I run a startup and growth marketing agency as well as a startup of my own and its a really useful tool as knowing who the influencers are in each ecosystem is fundamental to reaching your goals in growth stage. I really like the little icons on my twitter profile showing me who is who and what kind of Twitter user they are and will it help me if i dig deeper. I'm going to give it a go and see how this pans out for me. Great job on this smooth and easy to use extension - i wish they were all like this!
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@themelamini Hi Melanie. We did choose to focus our professional product for bigger brands and agencies, with a matching price tag. But, we provide a free plan and tools to help the smaller brands and agencies. You can try some of the free tools here: https://klear.com/free-tools, any Qs let me know.
Productivity & efficiency. love it. It really changes the way I look at my TW feed. The dashboard also looks good. a bit noisy at the bottom but REALLY good job guys!
@yamre Thank you Yam! appreciate your feedback. would love an elaboration on the noisy part, we're always trying to improve.
@yamre Thanks Yam! And we appreciate the feedback. We'll look into this.
Looks promising, thank you for building it @normal_ppl! One question: I don't see your scores in Twitter search results page. Is it just me, or is it not supported? Would love to have it there, as search is my primary discovery tool on Twitter.
@arturbrugeman Hi Artur, It works also in Twitter search pages. Is it still not working for you there? Can you please email me a screenshot if so (e@klear.com). And Thanks, Happy you like it!
@normal_ppl still doesn't, sent the email.
@normal_ppl aha, now I see it works, just not everyone has got the badges!