Klava Fund

Crowd funding for personal matters or grand causes

Setup a crowd funding initiative. Setup a personal initiative or leave the management details to our team. Hashtag identifier or a QR code to use on social apps are great features. You can create funding initiatives or give to something you believe in today.
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I wanted to make a social good app that solves a problem. So this is not only a crowd funding app for the well to do. This app allows the homeless to create a fund for free. It automatically sets up on every fund credit card payments from anyone. It comes with the ability to download the QR Code image so people can take a picture of the code and give very easy. While the world stops using actual money the ones hurt most are those looking for alms... Now you can give to them with a credit card and it is at no cost to them. Oh not to mention you can setup funds for big causes that make the world better. Funding in the right places can change the future of the world. Let's make the future better together through some thoughtful funding! I hope you enjoy my app and appreciate any and all feedback.
Let's go KLAVA :D
@ivanmoiseev1 Hoping more people take a look at Product Hunt today!