Klasmic Shoutout

Real time display of users' comments on live Facebook videos

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Hello fellow product hunters, We are really excited to be back and bring you the news. 👀 We created Klasmic from the get go to give everyone an easy tool for making these really cool Live Polls on Facebook. During the previous months we’ve been hard at work to push the boundaries of what can be done with Facebook Live, and we believe that we’ve discovered a new type of social media content : we call them 🔥 Interactive Live Posts 🔥 . Klasmic has a fantastic editor for creating theses Live Posts on on Facebook with full fledged 30fps realtime Audio and Video while sparing your machine and your time. Everything is fully managed by our service so you can be really creative. Klasmic 2.0 also introduces the Shoutout feature enabling user’s comments to be displayed on a Live Post with moderation functionality built-in. We're pumped to get this out there and hopefully help digital marketers create stunning Live Posts with a breeze! Super happy to talk more about Klasmic and answer any questions you might have! Our team will be on hand and checking comments throughout the day :)
Wow, this looks like a really smart way to engage users, especially if you have a decent following. They would love to see their comments or likes instantly featured within the live video. Live videos on Facebook tend to get more organic reach so the timing of this seems perfect. Best of luck with the launch!
@fouad_tolaib Thanks for the kind words. We're glad you like it. We're trying to focus on creating tools that helps increase engagement and growth organically. Given the live video notification system on Facebook and people's urge to be part of live streams this would be a good way to go. We already got very promising results on few pages. One more way to get more out of it, is by using it for national days, Christmas or new year's eve wishes.. This is just our initial thoughts but I'm eager to see what ideas people will come up with. If you get any spare time, try it out in action and let me know what your critics and what you think we can improve or work more on. Thanks for the wishes!
Hi everyone, in celebration on getting featured on PH: every Product Hunter can use the coupon code PrdKl2 to get a free month so you can try it out. We would appreciate it if you leave your feedback in the comments section after.
Cool! What is your business model/hypothesis on why or if Facebook could ever other this feature natively?
@andrew_bow Thanks man, not sure about that but I don't think so. It doesn't go in their direct live feature use case (live cam streams). We're trying to offer automated content creation services to boost organic reach on social media and iterating towards offering live solutions to businesses.