Klarity NDA Review

Review your NDA with the power of A.I

-NDAs reviewed in minutes, not days.
-Sanity check your NDA. Klarity compares your NDA to market standard computed across 1,000s of NDAs.
-Klarity is currently used by companies like Salesforce and Segment.
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  • Hannah Konitshek
    Hannah KonitshekBusiness & Strategy, Legal.io

    - Great way to benchmark a NDA against the market standard - Allows teams to quickly manage their NDA process


    - None so far! Waiting for the next contract product to be released!

    Klarity is an innovative product disrupting the standard NDA review and negotiation process within large organizations! Some organizations handle 10,000+ NDAs per year.

    Hannah Konitshek has used this product for one month.
  • Arulsagai Arulsamy
    Arulsagai ArulsamyFounder and CEO - lexhawk.com

    User friendly and time saving


    Nothing as of now

    Efficiency demonstrated

    Arulsagai Arulsamy has used this product for one week.
Hey PH community! After years in development, gaining enterprise customers, going through Y Combinator, and raising capital, we are excited to launch our public NDA review!
Great tool for the maker community 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thanks for your support!
Used to use this during the Beta - It's great! Saved us a bit of money on "sanity checks" we used to have our lawyers do, for roughly the same information (and much much quicker than our attorneys).
@bfaviero2 Thanks for your message! Glad we could help your company.