Simplified practical diary which increases self awareness

Our memory is not digital so we keep forgetting our ideas, achievements and repeating mistakes over and over again. Klara helps you to keep all of them at one place and at the end of each week you can write short summary what you done through the week. Doing so you increase productivity and self awareness.

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Great app! Would recommend to check it out.
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You mean 'diary'?
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Honestly I love this app. Even though it's in Early Access, it runs smooth on my 2-year old HTC 10, has an attractive design, has a good balance between simplicity and features, and tastefully utilizes an 'assistant' interface that makes it more interesting and engaging to create journal entries.


Easy to use, beautiful design, free (as of now), timeline-like feature, week summaries, seems very stable


Don't seem to be any reminders built in or night mode, but it's still in beta

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Night mode as well back up option will be released with upcoming update. After that we planning to add notifications. Thank you for feedback!
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very very good idea and i think this is a need thing
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Great idea and something I already practice. Agree completely that taking notes about one's daily work improves your skills. Bring it to the Mac!!
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