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I love Kiwii, I find it to be the fastest way to amplify your Twitter announcements. Create the tweets you want people to share and send a custom link to them to click on. When they click on the link, they will be able to review and promote your tweets via their Twitter accounts. You can even craft a whole campaign with scheduled tweets. No more begging people to take of their time and copy paste tweets from a document :)
Hi everyone, word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of marketing and Kiwii makes it super easy to for anyone to promote anything on Twitter. All you have to do is create a campaign, schedule the tweets you want others to promote and send them the link to join your campaign. We've helped conference organizers like Traction conf drove 15X more social traffic!
This is one super cool #growthhacking tool! Nicely done!!!
@atgreenhill Thank you Alexandra!
Yup, used it a couple of times and really liked it. @alexchuang72, nicely done!
This is epic, is it free?
@percpercy You have three free campaigns and you can earn up to five more free campaigns via referral and then it's $8/mo!