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Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Love this! If I'm hired to vet a company, I'll also look at Quora, Twitter, FaceBook, Better Business Bureau, and LinkedIn. These might be good additions.
Spencer DaileyMaker@spencenow · maker; editor at Techmeme
@kkdub Thanks for the kind words and feedback :)
Spencer DaileyMaker@spencenow · maker; editor at Techmeme
I kept wanting to know what HN threads existed about the URLs I was visiting while researching for a project a few months ago. After I found Algolia's HN REST API and saw the (extremely) generous rate-limiting terms, everything looked doable, so I started working on an extension that automatically checked. I also added the ability to do custom searches for any phrase. After implementing Product Hunt and Reddit as well, the question became: what do users want? Privacy was the main concern voiced in round one, so I implemented a whitelist feature and changed default settings to be more conservative. Looking forward to learning from your feedback, thanks!