Kittyhawk 2.0

Flight logging and intelligence for drone operators

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Air traffic control for drones? @joshuaziering tell us the story here :)
@bentossell We're building Kittyhawk as a way for pilots to show their history and their status as a drone pilot. While you, as a pilot, are logging flights -- we also give you a way to track all of your assets and locations. And similar to Github, you can join and create multiple teams. Drone pilots as a profession is growing, and Kittyhawk is an agnostic platform to participate in this field.
@bentossell Hi PH! Kittyhawk came from an internal asset we were building out at QuiQui. Obviously doing drone delivery was going to require a TON of compliance work to make sure everything remained safe and sound. Now, we're helping folks with exemptions to handle their data and making sure they don't overlook things like space weather and TFR's from the FAA. We make it easy for commercial operators to keep track of all the important bits for the government.
Waiting for the story. Starting to think this can be an official tool used by FCC and other authorities to start supervising Drone flight plans\trajectories. MUCH NEEDED.
@moravtchik that's not on our immediate road map, but really like the idea. Drone operations are on a path similar to airplanes, including coordination with authorities. As the platform of record for drones, Kittyhawk will be in a place to coordinate the needs and wants of both pilots and regulators.
@moravtchik Leo, that's a great idea but probably a little ahead of it's time right now. We're collecting data after the flights happen to make sure the craft and equipment remain airworthy. From the data we collect we can make some good suggestions about maintenance and pilot skills =)
Howdy PH. Co-Founder of Kittyhawk here :) We're building Kittyhawk as the platform of record for drones -- meaning individual pilots and teams can track their flights, drones, assets. And with all of that info, we layer in a ton of predictive intelligence such as KP weather alerts, TFRs from the FAA. Basically there is a ton being built around drones while you're flying. Kittyhawk is for the other hours in the day before you fly, after you've flown, and when you're thinking about flying.