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    Nothing, now


    Do not waste your time or money, they will DELETE your progress

    My girlfriend got me into playing this a while back, as she had been a longtime player. The game rules state one account per PERSON. However, apparently since we share an iTunes account, they assume we are the same person? Without warning, they reset both our accounts and deleted our entire collections, as well as my little sister, who has just started playing. I guess you are not supposed to trade with friends & family? I tried to contact support, but they were totally unresponsive. They are happy to take payment, but not to provide any support.

    Natalie Black has used this product for one month.
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    unfriendly mods, p2w

    tabloida and crook gay

    Angery Shobe has used this product for one year.
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Austin Hallock
Austin HallockMaker@austinhallock
Developer here. Happy to answer any questions or take feedback for the game! You can also play it on the web ( - though note that it's definitely not optimized for desktop/tablet-sized screens :)
Angery Shobe
Angery Shobe@angery_shobe
@austinhallock your game is good, your community is trash