Kitten Cannon

Pet Kitty. Load Kitty into Cannon. Fire.

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This game might be the most Product Hunt game I've seen. Play with cats in VR, fire them into space, blow things up. This game makes me laugh every time. I met @cgallello and @menscikova at @thetylerhayes' Open Inferno. I know you had decided to play with VR and make a demo to learn. What inspired you to do cats + space + explosions? :) What were the biggest learnings for you both from building Kitten Cannon?
@staringispolite Thanks Jonathan! I think the only thing we're missing is the Google Glass on the kittens... Actually the original concept was way more tame: The space + horses + explosions came in the last week or so when I was frustrated with my code, so to take a break I just tried downloading assets from Unity's asset store and placing them in the game. In fact the horses are still referred to as birds in the code. Biggest takeaway for me was how randomly complicated physics can be. It took me about 16 hours to get it so that you can pick up the kitten and load it into the cannon, and only about 3 hour to get the kitten to fire from the cannon and explode when the horses got hit. Documentation on creating a ragdoll for a non-human is extremely limited, so that took a solid 16 hours as well. Implementing the actual gameplay mechanics was surprisingly easy.
@staringispolite At the beginning the environment was planning to make a valley with a tower ant a couple trees. I was thinking just added some small floating islands. But when @cgallello added flying horses I got inspiration to create totally different space with the planets : Water planet, Donut’s planet (one is my favorite) and Ice planet.
I had the chance to try this game in person and it was super fun! The best part was watching Chris and Sasha's progress over the course of a month. They went from zero VR experience to a cute kitty game by working on it every Saturday at the Open Inferno. 👏 cc @thetylerhayes @JasonHitchcock
@kimpham404 @thetylerhayes @jasonhitchcock Saw this briefly in person. Super awesome.
@kimpham404 you"ll llove the game more when you try to play the last version!
Chris and Sasha working hard to keep the promise of VR. Kitten cannon is the silly VR take on a familiar web game. Aside from making you laugh it will also get you thinking about what other small games can expand into VR like the launcher genre. Props Chris & Sasha Edit: added Sasha, sorry for leaving you off!
@jasonhitchcock Thanks Jason! Don't forget Sasha on the modeling side! Couldn't have done it without her.
@cgallello thanks @cgallello ! you are great friend!
@jasonhitchcock it's ok! I remember you that :))))))
I want to play this game without VR 😁
@irosenb motion seconded, but i can def say in VR it is mind-expanding