KitSplit LA

KitSplit (Airbnb for camera rentals) is now launched in LA!

KitSplit is a community rental marketplace for cameras and related gear. We empower creatives by making it easier to get great gear to make awesome work, helping you make extra $ renting out your gear when you're not using it, and offering insurance + community events. We started in New York, and today we announced our official LA launch!

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4 Reviews5.0/5
So necessary. As a director figuring out how to get the right camera involves nightmares. No more! A space PRIME for disruption and I'm so stoked this is the group doing it. Also right on for making great equipment more accessible to people without 10s of thousands of dollars. Democratizing beautiful art tools? Yes please.

KitSplit is an invaluable resource with great support and a ton of gear!


It makes camera rentals a breeze–glad KitSplit is expanding!


Expand to more regions!