Airbnb for creative equipment - rent cameras, drones & more

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I'd love to rent a DJI Phantom for the weekend (depending on the cost). Or maybe @brianp can swing by our office for a rooftop tour of SOMA. 😉
Hi! I’m on the small team that that made KitSplit. Lumoid's great, but we see KitSplit as a very different offering. Lumoid owns most of their equipment, and ships it out by mail. KitSplit has a peer-to-peer and community focus: equipment owners can make money renting out their equipment, and meet other creators in their neighborhood while doing so. We've been encouraged to find that our users--who are mostly in NY right now--have really enjoyed meeting others in their neighborhood through the service, as well as (of course) saving and making money by renting equipment this way. We're in private beta/MVP mode right now, while Lumoid is a funded, much older company, but we'e working on a redesign so stay tuned for that, too, and in the meantime let us know if you're interested in an invite or if you have any questions!
That's an amazing idea! It is really clean and I can see so many possibilities from it. Community driven is the key. It might be hard in the beginning, but I am sure the results will make everything and all your efforts worth it/them!
CamerLends has also been in the space for quite some time - p2p camera equipment rentals:
Thanks Ryan! I'm one of the cofounders of the site. If you'd like to join, see how to request an invite here: