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Hi everyone! Thanks to @bramk for hunting us, and to dozens of friends in the community who gave us feedback during our beta iterations and helped up build Kite. We receive dozens of awesome newsletters every week in our inbox, but we always found it hard to keep up with all of them. Newsletters would accumulate and we ended up either archiving a lot of issues that we really wanted to read, again and again, or “scheduling them to a later date”. That’s why we decided to build Kite. The newsletters you choose (we have a collection of 100+ hand picked publishers - and we’re adding 20/30 new ones every week) won’t show up in your inbox anymore. You’ll be notified and read about them in the Kite app. (We just store them in a folder. They are still being delivered to you!) Some details: 1. For now we only have Gmail signup (their API makes stuff like this *extremely* easy). Outlook and Facebook will be there on 2.0 -- in about a couple weeks. 2. We can't read anyone's email messages at all -- that's very important for us. All we can do is create and edit labels (so emails from those newsletters will go to a “Kite” folder in your inbox). Would love to hear your thoughts!
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@alberto_santos oh my gosh! This is amazing thank you! Finally I may be able to achieve inbox zero
@tese_omesan That's great to hear!
I've been trying to cobble together a similar tool for myself, so it's brilliant someone made it a simple service. I will be trying Kite for newsletters I want to read, and keep using Unroll for general commercial mail.
@gerwitz That's the idea! I am glad you liked it.
@askdaylen we’re making sure iOS is rock solid and will then focus on getting it on Android and Web!
@askdaylen @alberto_santos Would love to see the web soon (and then Android as I am on Android). Web is universal ! 🌍
@alberto_santos awesome idea! My inbox REALLY needs it. So I've downloaded the app and been able to add some of my subscriptions to it. How can I add more or manage the list? I kind of lack the FAQ section on the website.
@aleks_muse Thanks for trying it out! You can only subscribe to the newsletters we've curated. We built it like this so 1) there's no need for us to read your email messages and parse/import them and 2) we have control over the quality of newsletters and issues. The third tab on the iOS app is your subscription list and from there you can individually unsubscribe -- removing them from your reading list. We'll definitely add a FAQ section on the website. Thanks for the suggestion
@alberto_santos Thanks, now it's more clear :) Are you planning to add more newsletter you are curating in the nearest future?
@aleks_muse Absolutely! We'll be adding around 20 newsletters every week for the next couple months
@alberto_santos @aleks_muse Hi Alberto, I agree with your vision of curation but at my point of view you are solving two problems: find a great newsletter with quality content without traveling the web AND finally read my best newsletters in a dedicated application, so there are not stuck in my Gmail and never read them.
Ever since Comma went dark (, I've been looking for a replacement. I can't wait to play around with Kite. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BUILDING THIS. #lifesavers UPDATE: Will you consider scanning e-mail addresses for newsletters and allow us to integrate them into our reading list?
@pe_feeds Thank you for trying it out! We've definitely considered it and that'll probably be available in the future. The main reason why it's not there in the first place is that it's pretty much just me and Fabio working on the project and handling personal messages requires a huge extra security layer -- better be safe than sorry. :-)
@alberto_santos totally understandable! keep up the good work, guys.