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Antonio Bustamante — Designer, Engineer at Kite
Hi everyone!

I'm Antonio, a designer at Kite, and I'm excited to share with you what we've been working on!

Kite is a heads up display (HUD) for programmers that surfaces proven engineering knowledge in a live internet­ connected environment helping developers write better code, faster. Kite is the first tool to offer a connected way to program; it is integrated with text editors and it uses type inference to reveal examples as programmers type without having to leave the screen for a web browser.

We hope you get a chance to check out Kite - we're all very excited about it. The team will be hanging out here for a while and will try to answer questions, and you can also ping us at!

P.S.: We have a limited number of invites we can support now. We'll send an invite to the first 50 people that leave a comment asking for an invite on the thread! You can also sign up at !

Mike Lehmann — Tech Consultant, gadget lover
@antonio_bustamante @kite Just found this through another source and went to Hunt it and saw it already was! Looks really cool and as a freelance developer, I am excited to try it with a number of languages. I use a few different IDE's as well so it will be nice to have this across all. How can I get in on the private beta?!?!?! I signed up on your site
Mark Brady — Enterprise Product Consultant
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks awesome!
piérre reimertz — I do web magic @bandpage and @heartcoins
@antonio_bustamante @kite Please send me an invite to This looks amazing!
Antonio Bustamante — Designer, Engineer at Kite
@reimertz Thank you! Will do!
Antonio Bustamante — Designer, Engineer at Kite
@slashbrady @kite Thank you so much!
Mark Brady — Enterprise Product Consultant
@antonio_bustamante I've just signed up. Looking forward to the invite
Braunson Yager — Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks pretty super handy! Can't wait to give it a whirl! Looking forward to the invite!
Ryan J A Murphy — Student?
@antonio_bustamante @kite Likewise, I'd love to beta.

Fabulous pitch/demo video and website, btw! Except that I am in disbelief at the disclaimer "No nerds were harmed..."; there had to be a missing semicolon moment at some point in development!
Antonio Bustamante — Designer, Engineer at Kite
@ryanjamurphy @kite Thank you!! We can't confirm or deny that semicolon, or a missing import statement; thankfully, we were using Kite :P
Dmitry Suholet — Product Manager, Yandex
@antonio_bustamante nice job! Can't wait to try it out :)
@antonio_bustamante @kite This. Looks. Incredible! Would love an invite! :D
Walter Rafelsberger — Senior Researcher @webLyzard
@antonio_bustamante @kite just WOW, looks so slick and useful! I'd love to have an invite! I signed up on your page using walter[at]
Beau Gunderson — Sr. Software Gardener, Canvas Medical
Josh Boldt — Dev Intern, Differential
@antonio_bustamante @kite This is awesome! As someone who is new-ish to programming, this will be a lifesaver. 🙌 I would love an invite!
Lachlan Campbell — Code, apps, design, high school.
@antonio_bustamante @kite I'd ❤️ an invitation 😉
Chad Whitaker — Design at Product Hunt
@antonio_bustamante @kite Looks great! I would love an invite to try this today!
Timo Lins — Developer & Designer
@antonio_bustamante @kite Great work! I would love to get an invite, so I can try this as soon as possible.
Jason O. Jensen — Ph.D. candidate, Sociology
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks really cool! also: nice leftpad reference :P
@antonio_bustamante @kite this looks like it can really improve my workflow! Would love to get an invite at
Dan — Engineer of Internet Things
@antonio_bustamante @kite Anymore invites? :)
Blake —
@antonio_bustamante @kite Signed up! Invite would be dope!
Marek Hrabe — Founder at Mockuuups. Previously Avocode
@antonio_bustamante @kite Just signed up and excited to see this live for JavaScript! Great job, guys! (any invites left? 👼)
Devin Finzer — Developer
@antonio_bustamante @kite I'd love an invite! Just signed up (
Matt 'TK' Taylor — The Times
@antonio_bustamante @kite would love an invite,, signed up
Chase Miller — InfoSec Student, CMU
@antonio_bustamante @kite I would love an invite!
aliibrahim — Startup Evangelist
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks great Antonio. Congrats! Would love to have one invite at
Nick Dupoux — Student at Stanford
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks like the solution to almost all of my programming problems :D I'd love an invite ( Awesome work.
Carson Jones — Zero Fourths a Doctor
@antonio_bustamante @kite Wow! Demo looks awesome. Nice work so far. I'd love an invite too ( Thanks!
Jordan Finnigan — Full Stack Developer
@antonio_bustamante @kite I'd love an invite.
Cole Turner — Web Developer
@antonio_bustamante @kite Looks fantastic - if any invites are still left I would be happy to try it out:
@antonio_bustamante and send it to me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease: :) I already LOVE IT :)
Cody — Owner of Redbearded
@antonio_bustamante this looks awesome. Great job! I signed up on the site looking forward to test driving this.
Josh Birdwell — Software Developer Intern, NextThought
@antonio_bustamante @kite I'd love to try this out when you get the next round of invites! This is something that I would use on the daily.
@antonio_bustamante @kite Never knew I needed this until now, would love an invite if you still have any left. Cheers!
Troy Clark — Student, Virginia Tech
@antonio_bustamante @kite if you've still got invites, I'd love to try it out with Atom & Ruby :)
Gyan Prayaga — Founder of Thicket
@antonio_bustamante @kite How'd you grab that domain? ;)
Arlo Rose — Alto Product & Design Lead
@antonio_bustamante @kite Wow, fantastic! If there's any invites left, I'd love to get one. :-) I'm
JM — CEO, - App Development
@antonio_bustamante @kite Would love to check Kite out! Seems very cool, we could use this at Cortex.
@antonio_bustamante @kite Would love to get an invite Antonio. I've already signed up.
adriantavares — Co-founder,
@antonio_bustamante @kite hit me with an invite!
Chris — Developer at App Press
@antonio_bustamante any invites left? Kite looks like it might be my new best friend.
Jerome Dahdah — Digital nomad, minimalist, designer.
@antonio_bustamante Hey, I just signed up on your site (parasight at gmail). Hope I'm not too late to make it into the first batch, I'm really excited to give this a try!
Jagan Ganti — Product Guy
@marek @antonio_bustamante @kite Signed up. Waiting for javascript + Mac + sublime This looks awesome.
vitarilassata — product manager, Veespo
@antonio_bustamante @kite looks awesome Antonio, if any invite left i'm here ;)
El Desperado — Mirum Agency
@antonio_bustamante @kite Hope you can give me an invite. This looks very promising and can be my daily tool :) Please send to Thanks in advance.
Bruno Costa — Growth @ BABOOM
@antonio_bustamante congrats, this looks great! I'd love to try it out. Hit me with an invite ;) thanks
Austin Grandt — CEO, Export Abroad
@antonio_bustamante @kite Are there any beta invites left? I would love to test it out!
Amir Gaouaou — Student
@antonio_bustamante @kite Wow amazing! I would love to receive an invite (If they are still available)
Jon Wood — Product Designer
@antonio_bustamante awesome! Yes would love an invite!!
Ram — Researching about the 'Startups'
@antonio_bustamante @kite --- I know nothing about coding, but after checking your KITE website, i feel like i can give it a try.

Wow, it looks really good, Keep it up guys...:)

@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks like an incredible product. How much will it cost?
Anže Jenšterle — Developer, Castaway Labs
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks awesome, mind droping me an invite?
Josh Beal — Co-founder & CTO, Reveal
@antonio_bustamante @kite Looks awesome! Would love to check it out. Email:
Iure Guimarães — Software Engineer
@antonio_bustamante @kite Really want to give it a try:
Damian Esteban — CTO @ betterPT
@antonio_bustamante I can't wait to try this out. It's very possible that within a few years developers will be shocked if you *are not* using kite or something similar. EDIT: I wish I had asked for an invite along with my original comment, but it's all good. Excited to try it out eventually :).
Danthuluri Aadi Narayana Varma — Co-Founder& CTO of
@antonio_bustamante @kite That's just one Incredible tool for Developers and Geeks, would like to give it a try! I have signed up on your site using varma2friend at gmail dot com
Michael Musgrove — Founder, web design POP, Ltd. Co.
@antonio_bustamante @kite Am I #51? If not, invite, please.
Joost Schuur — Product manager, Playmob
@antonio_bustamante @kite I wouldn't mind an invite myself please, if you're still giving them out:
Vivek Vidyasagaran — Grad Student, Carnegie Mellon University
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks really cool! I'd like an invite too, if there are any left!
@antonio_bustamante if you have any invites left, I'd appreciate one. Brennanmeadowcroft+kite@gmail
Pierrick — Frontend Developer at JS Republic
@antonio_bustamante @kite I may be late to the party but I'd love to get an invite to try it out. One of the best product I've seen in months and also one who is gonna be very helpful on a daily basis!
Chirag K C — ROR web developer
@antonio_bustamante @kite Has this thread reached 50 yet? Ha ha.. Hopefully I'm in the list. I've also signed up on your website.
GREAT product guys. This is probably the best find on ProductHunt for me. Keep up the great work.

Blaine Hatab — Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
@antonio_bustamante @kite Woah! This looks awesome! Am I too late to ask for an invite??? 🙏 🙏 🙏
Mickael Coenca — software engineer
@antonio_bustamante @kite Would love to be able to test this ! If there are still invites, would be glad to receive one :) Best.
Anthony Liang — Co-founder, Hand & Terry
@antonio_bustamante @kite Would love to try this out! :)
Sebastian — Online Marketer
@antonio_bustamante @kite This looks like the bee's knees. Would love an invite!
Vincent Riemer — Software Developer @ Symantec
@antonio_bustamante @kite Hey there I'd love an invite!
Thalida Noel — Frontend Engineer, Kinnek
@antonio_bustamante @kite The console text adventure was the greatest touch. I adore it <3
Dave Kerr — Developer
@antonio_bustamante @kite really late to this thread - but any chance I could get bumped up on the waiting list for the beta? thanks!!
Jason Shultz — Senior Software Engineer, 3form
@antonio_bustamante @kite I'm probably way too late for the invite train. :( if you find any laying around in a box somewhere or possibly stuck up in a tree, could you send me one? I also signed up at the url, just waiting for me to be chosen as tribute.
@antonio_bustamante @kite I'd absolutely love an invite if there are any left - I can see this being an extremely useful tool in my workflow! Ecstatic to give it a try
Juil Yoon — Photographer. Programmer for fun.
@antonio_bustamante @kite There's probably way more than 50 already, but I'd love an invite.
Sebastian Berge — Co-founder,
@antonio_bustamante @kite Possible to get an invite? You guys are really pushing the world forward!
@antonio_bustamante @kite I would love to get my hands on this. Developing Go on Atom on Mac
Leonardo Ribeiro — Fullstack developer, Kraft Heinz Company
@antonio_bustamante @kite Can I have a private beta for tests? I'm very excited to use it. I hope I can try, because it's really awesome!
Anthony — I upvote things that matters.
@antonio_bustamante @kite This is awesome. I am following you since the beginning but I am still waiting for an invite!
Jake Mor — ios and web //
Possibly the best hunt of the year. Awesome job!
Antonio Bustamante — Designer, Engineer at Kite
@jakemor Thank you so much! :)
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