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Hi everyone! I'm Antonio, a designer at Kite, and I'm excited to share with you what we've been working on! Kite is a heads up display (HUD) for programmers that surfaces proven engineering knowledge in a live internet­ connected environment helping developers write better code, faster. Kite is the first tool to offer a connected way to program; it is integrated with text editors and it uses type inference to reveal examples as programmers type without having to leave the screen for a web browser.
We hope you get a chance to check out Kite - we're all very excited about it. The team will be hanging out here for a while and will try to answer questions, and you can also ping us at feedback@kite.com! P.S.: We have a limited number of invites we can support now. We'll send an invite to the first 50 people that leave a comment asking for an invite on the thread! You can also sign up at http://kite.com/#signup ! Antonio
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@antonio_bustamante @kite Just found this through another source and went to Hunt it and saw it already was! Looks really cool and as a freelance developer, I am excited to try it with a number of languages. I use a few different IDE's as well so it will be nice to have this across all. How can I get in on the private beta?!?!?! I signed up on your site
@antonio_bustamante @kite Please send me an invite to pierrereimertz+kite@gmail.com. This looks amazing!
@reimertz Thank you! Will do!
@slashbrady @kite Thank you so much!
Possibly the best hunt of the year. Awesome job!
@jakemor Thank you so much! :)
Augmented reality for coders. This looks awesome! Congrats Antonio and Kite team.
@techno Thank you so much! We're excited for you to try it out!
Congrats on the launch Adam and Antonio! Can you tell us more about the inspiration for Kite?
@eriktorenberg Thank you!! One day, Adam realized we, as programmers, were spending countless hours just searching for information on the Internet instead of coding, which made us less productive. Honestly, also a bit frustrated. Adam and the rest of the team have been working really hard for the last 2 years to make a product that will bridge the gap between coding skills and knowledge. The metaphor I use sometimes to explain how important this is to us is: imagine thousands of very skilled developers working in these tiny caves, with just a tiny blurry window where they can see outside. That's how it's been for years. We want all programmers share and recycle knowledge in a much easier way :)
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@antonio_bustamante @eriktorenberg Wow, your idea is simple but soooo useful and none never think about the time that developers spent to find the right codes!! Kite will save a lot of precius time to developers! And congrats for the user interface, it looks perfect! And what about the name and the logo? Can't wait to try Kite!
Nice, it would be great if this would also work with Xcode or Android Studio. I guess it would be able to show the readme page or usage of github hosted libraries. I hate jumping in the browser all the time and searching on github how should I use a library.
@vfdraganescu Agreed! We plan to ramp up support for different languages and code editors, and we definitely plan to support Xcode and Android Studio. We hate jumping between browser and editor too!
@antonio_bustamante @vfdraganescu It would great to have Android Studio support as well. Waiting for the same!