The Instagram of news

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Sounds like a promising social-driven replacement for Flipboard or Point.
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Not only do i like selecting curators specifically to handpick the best stories but I also like bookmarking all my favorite news sources in one place. Kite is designed simply and elegantly by the man who designed Opera. And yes I am an investor
I want to be able to see what my friends are seeing, like Nuzzle. I'd also like an easy way to upload my bookmarks from Feedly.
hi everyone, I'm Trond, the creator of Kite. First, yeah our roll out is still in a sort of invite only public beta stage, but everyone can join by using 'kite' as invite code, though we are trying to encourage people to join the social graph through an inviter. In a way, this space is indeed crowded, but nothing like Kite existed, and it was really the kind of product I wanted. The Fast Company article covers pretty well the reasons behind it, but would love to answer any further questions.