Kite 2.0

The smart copilot for programmers. Now available for Python

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I've been keeping on eye on since the launch last year. Excited for the day I receive a Javascript invite ๐Ÿ˜Š
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@chadwhitaker TIL Chad wants to write more JS
@mscccc I dabble from time to time ๐Ÿ˜„
@chadwhitaker @mscccc I can't wait for Javascript support either. We're working on it. Soon :)
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@antonio_bustamante I'd kill for JS on this!
Hey everyone! I'm Antonio, a designer at Kite. Today we're excited to make Kite for Python available for everyone! Go to ( to download and try it yourself. When we first shared Kite with you, we were overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm for the product. As we gradually onboarded more users, we ironed out a lot of issues in the product, and since then we've added a ton of new stuff. Here are some of the changes we're most excited about: - Deep editor integrations with Atom, Sublime Text 3, and PyCharm / IntelliJ, working better for smaller screens and blending with your coding workflow. - Fine-grained privacy controls modeled after the .gitignore file format, being able to selectively and precisely decide which files and folders of your codebase Kite indexes in the cloud and which don't. - Data-driven Python type inference engine that uses both classical type inference and statistical analysis of Github data to bring you the best completions available for Python. - Kite for Windows We're looking forward for you to try out! We'll be hanging out here for a while and will try to answer questions, and you can also email us at Antonio
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@antonio_bustamante Congratulations! Great work!
I've registered along time ago and now installed it. What immediately gave me pause, is the fact that I need to upload ALL MY CODE to the Kite cloud? You're a fairly new company, unlike Github or AWS, why should any company trust you with their code? I'm trying to find some code that's not company specific so I can try this out, but for now, with the upload, without any track record, it's a hard sell for commercial environments.
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@altryne I totally hear you. We care a lot about code privacy and we've added fine tuning so you can choose which code gets sent to the cloud, including .gitignore style functionality, whitelisting, and others. You can see more details here: and specific instructions here
@antonio_bustamante Thanks for the reply! I just read the blog post on security and move to the cloud, and the /security landing page. I'm still not convinced, since you guys don't have a track-record yet, maybe after this project picks up some traction. Additional thoughts after playing with Kite on some personal projects, the MAIN issues that you solve are behind the PRO-plan and it makes the whole thing useless for free-tier. Autocomplete is nice, but the patterns is the biggest promise I think of this tool, and charging for that, when developers already overpay for IDE and tools, on a yearly basis, seems like a strech personally. If you ask someone to submit their codebase for this thing to work, it seems only fair that the results of that submission would be free for that user.
@altryne @antonio_bustamante This also prevents me from using kite :( particularly that I had to come to producthunt to find out how to whitelist directories and by default it whitelists root
Kite was launched last year with over 2k+ upvotes! It is now publicly released to the world and I'll let @asmith talk about the updates
I signed up when it first launched and I still haven't received my invite. Signed up again, hope I get it this time ๐Ÿ™ƒ