Write JavaScript faster using deep learning

Kite released JavaScript completions today featuring Multi-Line Completions for boilerplate code. It’s powered by a deep learning model trained on over 22 million .js files. Kite is free and works with the top IDEs.
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Hey Product Hunters, Thanks @nickabouzeid for the hunt! Today we’re launching JavaScript completions as a free feature of Kite. We have only supported Python for the past four years, so we’re excited to announce JavaScript as our first “language expansion pack” for users. :) We’re looking forward to getting to know more folks in the JavaScript community and hearing your feedback! I started Kite because I realized I spent too much time on repetitive work like copying and pasting from StackOverflow, fixing simple errors, and writing boilerplate code. JavaScript is a prime candidate for applying ML to automate away the tedious parts of coding. Let’s face it: we all have a love-hate relationship with its style and quirks. As powerful as JavaScript can be for web development, its boilerplate code and ever-changing design patterns can be exhausting to type out again and again. We’ve poured thousands of engineering hours into a deep learning model that can complete up to a few lines of JavaScript at a time for you. Our product easily cuts your keystrokes in half while coding, not to mention saving you from typos and syntax errors. We hope this helps make your time coding with JavaScript more enjoyable and productive. Kite works with your favorite libraries and frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and Node.js. Try Kite for Free ➡ As always, Kite is free to download and use. Install and start coding minutes. ➡ We also offer a paid plan, called Kite Pro, that features our latest Python completions model. More info here: If you’re one of the 250,000 users who already use Kite (thank you for your support!), you now have these features via auto-update. Product Hunt has always been an invaluable source of feedback for us since we launched on it years ago. We're really looking forward to your feedback. I'll be here all day to answer questions. You can learn more about this release on our blog:
@asmith Been waiting for this!! :D on your site it says "Kite runs locally. Your code is private." Can you expand on this? No data is transmitted to a remote server?
@jasonbarry Hi Jason, thanks for the question. We never send your code or artifacts resembling it to a remote server. We do send usage stats (which you can opt out of) and check for updates periodically. We have a Privacy page that outlines this in more detail here:
This is super interesting. The project needs to be voted much higher than it is currently.
Kite is a very useful tool, specially for beginners. It works great with a tablet next to you.
It's very good this will be made my work very easy
Really helpfull app. It would be so cool If you shared with us the process of launching and developing of the product because It looks very useful and interesting. Maybe such articles already exist?
@valerie_markgraf Our blog post announcing JavaScript completions can be found here:
@pl okay, thank you! Wish you a good job