Kite is a DIY kit of electronic components. You can now build a smartphone with your own hands! A KitePhone (i.e. a phone built with Kite) is a powerful Android smartphone that offers a surreal Android experience. It is not a fixed phone - it's configurable in every way. The "case" is 3D printed. And you can change anything.. your lifestyle too!

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Hi Guys! I am the creator of Kite - the "guy" in the video. Ask me any questions, and I will be happy to answer your questions!
Great job!! 😊 Unique concept. Does this require any engineering skills to make it for non tech users ? Would love more clarity on it
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot! To make a simple smartphone, you will not need any maker skills. If you pledge for a kit, you will get all electronics and some mechanical parts(screws, camera protection maybe). You only need a screwdriver to put everything together - in less than 5 minutes. That's the promise of this campaign. To put everything together, you will also need a 3D printer, or access to a service. If you don't have a 3D printer, don't worry about it. In october, we will send out a shipping survey. You can then add $30 and we will ship 3d printed parts along with your kit. (we will announce this change today btw - I am just telling you this a bit in advance). If this interests you - then please consider pledging to the project. We have options all the way from $1 to a full kit. If you wish to only understand the whole thing, we have a video option at $25. What part of this interests you the most ? This project allows you to use your skills in any area & apply them to a smartphone. Looks complex, but you don't need to do everything - just the ones that you need.
Kite looks pretty cool, please tell us more of the story behind the product @shreekumar3d
@adrian_carolli Thanks.. Will have it ready in a couple of days. Thanks for your patience!
Can I use git clone? Nope. ☹️
@stevenjames Not at the moment. If you pledge for the project, everyone will be able to do it. $1 or $5 will also do ! What do you want to make with Kite ?
This is certainly very interesting but the question I have in my mind is, but why a "smartphone"? Everything I'm seeing here points it more towards a maker board with smartphone capabilities out of the box. I guess what I'm saying is that I wouldn't want to make my own smartphone but rather having some of the smartphone capabilities on my maker board is something very compelling to me. Just my two cents or maybe you can explain more why target as a smartphone rather than something like a maker board? Nevertheless I'm always very intrigued and interested in such DIY kits and whatnot! Wish you the best for the project!
@swiftpolar Great question ! Maker boards get a large following by keeping the cost of the board low. Peripherals & "Accessories" are expensive, low quality or even unavailable in most cases. To help explain that - consider a Raspberry Pi 3. At $35 it's great. It targets education at an unbeatable price. And it knows exactly where its boundaries lie. The genius of Eben Upton (founder of the Pi) is in understanding this important thing (I haven't that acknowledged anywhere in this crucial way). What do I mean by that ? Raspberry Pi has sold a lot. Everyone is attracted to it due to the low price. Makers, professionals and even companies flock to it. They hit all the hurdles that the Pi is not designed to fix : SD cards, no display, a camera that can't focus, bulky solutions, power inefficiency, no cellular connection, no battery operation. Do note that, even at the scale of 19 million pieces, the Raspberry Pi does not provide common smartphone conveniences like a simple compact display & a camera that can focus. In summary, all problems of maker boards are solved in a smartphone. Smartphones sell in close to a billion every year. Smartphone hardware is vastly superior than most maker boards in every way. However, smartphones can only be made at that price by aggregating volumes. A bits & pieces approach does not work in a Smartphone business -- that's why all the modular projects are failing. And that's also the reason why our kit includes all the items. If you notice we don't have a front facing camera. There is a price to pay for freedom, and that is about 2x (compare our cost to an equivalent smartphone). If the idea interests you, I seek your support to pledge for the project. Even a $1 or a $5 kit will help a lot. You don't have to buy a kit, if you don't need it. A $25 pledge will give you a video that helps you learn a lot about Android "under the hood". This project does not believe in paid marketing - it is a community thing. Everyone saves 10% costs due to that -- that's what the DIY guys need. If you help share this in your network - that helps this project a lot too, btw! No payment needed :) Our plan is to help use those $1 and $5 donations, to spread free kits around the world with a fair geographic distribution. That's something we will announce later today. Do let me know if you have any further questions; I'll be happy to answer them!