KitCut Visual Mashup

The crazy child of Instagram and 9GAG



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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Love this is launching, I've been using the Messenger app a lot! Congrats @oassoulin! Can you tell more about the product?
Ohad AssoulinMaker@oassoulin · CEO/Co-Founder, KitCut
@bramk Thanks Bram, really appreciate it!
Ohad AssoulinMaker@oassoulin · CEO/Co-Founder, KitCut
Thanks for hunting @bramk! Hey hunters! We were thrilled with your support when we launched the small prototype for KitCut for messenger a couple months ago and we took your feedback into consideration when we built our final vision which we are launching today (applause?). We wanted to build a place that would be the home for the phenomenon that we all know and love from the web: memes and what we call “visual mashups.” We’ve seen them everywhere from celebrity scandals, trending topics and into public and private communication but this has never fully erupted into the mobile world because the space lacked both a home and tool for making every user a “photoshop wizard.” That’s why we created KitCut. It will be the go-to app for enjoying, creating and sharing fun visual mashups. KitCut allows you to enjoy a feed of trending content mixed with funny, quirky and embarrassingly stupid images created by friends. KitCut also allows you to transform any idea into a visual mashup with the simple swipe of a finger. You can easily add image cutouts, doodles and text to become “photoshop wizards” without any prior skills. KitCut isn’t only for amazing creators and lurkers. With our unique and special feature called “re-mash” KitCut aims to break the 1-9-90 rule by allowing everyone to “remix” any posts that they find on our public feed. Additionally, you can also see all the previous iterations of any “kitcut” that has been re-mashed. We had an absolute blast building this with your support! Please let me know what you think and ask us anything! Cheers, Ohad
IlBel@il_beloff · Founder, Delprice
Haha! Very funny app name!:)
Ohad AssoulinMaker@oassoulin · CEO/Co-Founder, KitCut
@il_beloff Haha thanks!! Do you like it?
IlBel@il_beloff · Founder, Delprice
@oassoulin @il_beloff Yeah! Cool name
tsifei chan@tsifeichan · Co founder of Orson
it seems awesome, i'll try it!
Aaron Taylor@theaarontaylor · BizDev,
This app has been cracking me up since it was on messenger. Tons of fun, looking forward to checking it out!
Ohad AssoulinMaker@oassoulin · CEO/Co-Founder, KitCut
@theaarontaylor Thanks! That meas a lot to hear! Send me some feedback once you check it out :D