Marketplace of professional chefs; personalized home cooking

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Leena Thampan
Leena Thampan@leena_thampan · CMO, Wagepoint
As somebody who loves hosting parties and cooking up a storm, this is a genius idea!!
Tiffany Stone
Tiffany StoneHunter@tiffanydstone · Founder of BrightEyes
Tried kitchit a few weeks ago and we had a chef that cooked for Madonna a week earlier cook for our group of friends! He put together a 5-course tasting menu based on our taste preferences!
Tom Maxwell
Tom Maxwell@tomaxwell
Maybe the link should be to the desktop version of the site? @rrhoover Also this looks like it's pretty much the same thing as Kitchensurfing. Not that there can't be more than one company doing this, but I don't think personal chefs cooking for you is a large market in particular.
Tiffany Stone
Tiffany StoneHunter@tiffanydstone · Founder of BrightEyes
@tommaxwelll Yup the business model is the same as Kitchensurfing. Kitchit is based in SF and Kitchensurfing is in NY. These 2 have definitely pioneered this niche market. Apologies on the mobile link - will make a note of that for next time! (