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Thanks @alwaysunday for adding us to Product Hunt! Way epic of you my man. Peeps you can also connect your twitter account to Kit as well to find top followers!
Welcome, @michaelperry! This has a complimentary overlap with GoChime, posted this morning here: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/... How are customers currently using it? Do you have any case studies/results you can share?
@rrhoover we've been a bit under the radar but we have 3,000+ brands using Kit right now, and all types of case studies as a result. From Small mom and pop businesses to Aria Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. What is awesome is finding the top person who is retweeting you the most often (or mentioning you/favoriting/replying)- and Kit will show you all there engagement history to your brand as some back information to re-pick up the conversation. Here is a little Q&A with @elementthecity, a music producer using Kit: http://kitcrm.tumblr.com/post/79...
@michaelperry What have you seen brands do with the info you give them on their customers? What do you think they could be doing more of?
@amotion we see brands finding their top fans and repurposing their past engagement to have more targeted conversations around the products/ post they love, sending them special promos/ offers or simply just acknowledging them for being a really awesome fan. I think a neat example are the musicians we work with- reaching out to their top fans and leaking them new tracks, asking them for their opinion. I don't think there is anything more powerful that getting your top fans more excited, and we give people the background to know what they will get excited about.