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This space is getting pretty tough to compete in. Focusing on amateur streamers will be even tougher. Similar to Meerkat, who have struggled. What are the big things that will make this a success?
@bentossell That is indeed a question I had before, but there isn't really any other solution where multiple synchronised streams of an event can be accessed through one stream. It even supports PiP for all the available streams. The impressive part is that they are able to do all this with very manageable bandwidth. I suppose the PiP is processed in the server, so that algorithm would be their core tech that'll be hard to copy.
@bentossell but of course, my previous reply doesn't really answer the question whether it'll be a success, haha. I'm honestly quite skeptical about that, I'm just acknowledging that they have a core tech that might be quite valuable.
@vahen yeh I like the idea of multiple streams of an event - but I think that in practice it will be very hard to get right. I feel like there would need to be people curating the best quality streams of said event to keep the quality at a suitable level.
@bentossell agreed! That's been quite lacking at the moment with the app. The previous version didn't even have categories, haha. But let's see, hopefully they'll do something about that.
@bentossell just saw this today after trying a Google search I've been afraid to do:
Kiswe, a semi-stealth startup, with multiple stream combination as their core technology has finally released their revamped app. They have been working with some broadcasting companies, supplying their technology to enhance the user's experience of the broadcast. They now have decided to focus on the amateur streamers in order to gain a foothold in the market. The team is currently in execution mode this year in order to do this. The core feature of multi-streaming is currently only available in the US.