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Really excited to see Kissmetric's new People Search feature (I think it was release of beta yesterday). Hugely powerful way to create segments of people that use your site/product based on traits and/or behaviors. I think this is the first tool I've seen where you can actually create segments based on the order in which people do thing (ie - signed-up in January, logged in 30-times since, etc). Looking forward to playing more, but at first blush, it looks great.
@dskaletsky Thanks, Derek. We're thrilled to release all the updates to People Search. If anyone has questions, shoot away!
We use KissMetrics every day. Must have analytics tool if you are serious about understanding channel attribution, A/B testing, segmenting users, and understanding your funnel.
@iambradhanks Awesome to hear, Brad!
is this still available, I dint have the option on your side fore creating a new account? We are interested in a test, please shoot me an email to: r.eck@adsuisse.com