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I'm really excited to announce this feature. At KISSmetrics we've tried to improve our product so that it solves the right problems for customers. One of the largest pains that product people and marketers find with analytics is that they end up drowning in data and don't know where to focus. With the Path Report we've made it so you don't have to dig through your data and create countless funnels, instead the insights come to you with very little configuration. We tell you what steps your users are going through and allow you find opportunities for optimization much faster.
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@hnshah this is awesome and deserves more upvotes
@liveink @hnshah This looks awesome. Especially the fact that it connects real people data and not just general stats. Excited to start using it Hiten!
@hnshah So amazing. Have been trying to get this solved for a long time now. Thank you!
@hnshah "drowning in data and don't know where to focus" this is exactly how i feel much of the time (especially with having so many tools and data in different places). Really excited to try this out!
@hnshah A smart move, methinks.
From my experience talking with customers while at PlayHaven, the majority of people are overwhelmed by analytics dashboards. The data's there but they don't know how to interpret it or use it. All they really want is high-level, actionable information they can use to improve retention, monetization, etc. While you serve different customers than mobile game guys and gals, has this been a common theme for you as well, @hnshah?
@rrhoover yes, exact same experience. People want data that tells them what they should be focused on. They don't want to have to dig through reports or try to interpret the information. They want actionable insights that they can use to make improvements for growth.
@hnshah @rrhoover yes x100 on this. every company I worked with over the last couple years had the same problem, so much data and no idea what to do with it.
Very, very cool! Just deployed across all my sites, anxious to see how the insights will compare to my current GA setup.
I'm all in! nnIf anyone doubts the passion of the founders of KISSmetrics / CrazyEgg - then listen to my interview with Neil Patel on Episode 73 of The App Guy Podcast. He explains why he delivers such loved products. nn
Let's all hope this is the future of analytics. So good.
@rklusas Meeeee toooo =)