Kissmetrics Funnel Report

Track any funnel you want based on behavior or attributes

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Hey PHers, today we’re excited to release the new Funnel Report--what I truly believe to be the most flexible funnel out there. You can build and analyze any acquisition funnel, retention funnel, or microfunnel you want. Here’s what’s new: 1. Combine AND and OR conditions in your funnel steps for any event (behavior) or property (attribute) 2. Compare different funnels in one click 3. Quickly drag & drop funnel steps Happy to answer any questions you have!
@ryan_salomon Hey Ryan - cool product! Are you able to easily track and measure the number of users who come through specific campaigns and then what their down funnel conversion to our KPI is (i.e. Revenue)?
@kyledillonmeyer Hey Kyle, Part of the added flexibility is you can do a step that involves numbers - in this case, revenue. So yes, you can do a funnel that looks like: People who came in through a campaign named "Summer 2016" and then went on to make a purchase greater than $50. And with the 'or' capability, you can even make step 1 those came in through a campaign named "Summer 2016" or "Fall 2016" or "Winter 2016". Another feature that wasn't listed and I think many will enjoy is the ability to add a step for those who did NOT do an event. Example: Everyone who visited the site who then did NOT visit the pricing page who then Purchased.
FYI ... when I click on the website button to visit Kissmetrics, i get routed to : . I guess you can consider that an SEO tactic :)