Not just for marketers; see the behavior of all your users.

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Jason Evanish
@evanish · Founder for managers
I know it's biased because I ran product there, but seriously, you can't work on a SaaS or Ecommerce product without the data KISSmetrics gets you. I can do all of the following easily: 1) Look up power users for any feature you want to iterate on and have their email address right there to know who to contact. 2) Look up an individual user's recent activi… See more
Vitaliy Verbenko
@vtlvrbnk ·
I don't understand how KISSmetrics is new? Isn't this a site for new products? I think this is unfair - for example I've had my startup in the queue for more than a month and it's not even added to the database, let alone the main page, which seems like a pipe dream at this point.