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The reason I chose KISSmetrics as my favorite growth related product because it falls in line with something every person with a growth mindset should have and that's data discipline. It allows users to stay on top of what's happening on their website allowing people to figure out issues that may be happening quickly. Its also essential for A/B testing - the product allows you to look at test results throughout the entire funnel and not just simply at page level. The whole process of growth is continuous analyzation of tests to evaluate what's working and what's not, KISSmetrics holds the key to the data to make this possible.
@everette bias aside from Qualaroo's deep connection with KM, how would you compare Mixpanel with KM?
@helloBrent See that's tough, I've had pretty limited experience with Mixpanel. People tend to rave about Mixpanel when it comes to mobile but both are great event-based analytics tools. I think KISSmetrics dashboard looks cleaner, especially now that they've revamped it. The big advantage Mixpanel has over KISSmetrics is that you can get real-time data faster. I think Mixpanel is solid for someone who may not be able to afford KISSmetrics or RJ Metrics.
@everette Interesting what you say about the dashboard; although I do like KM, I think the dashboard could actually use some improvements when it comes to organizing metrics. I personally don't like that the metrics are organized by only a few color coded groupings.