Date people from the world's most influential organisations

Here gathered the most innovative companies and single people in institutions such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, SpaceX, Tesla, Harvard University, MIT, Stanford etc. You can contact them at any time, any place.

Is this a scam?
@chrismessina Of course not. We just want to help people live better. Can you tell me why you think that?
@ebuxf I mean, it doesn't seem like there are many people on the service (if any), so this would be a good way to collect emails from people who work at "the most innovative companies". Also, like, is this for people who DON'T work at "the most innovative companies" to date people who do? And actually, the biggest thing that concerned me was the use of Comic Sans. Not sure that'll inspire confidence from your target audience. Many I'll try a different approach: how many people from "the most innovative companies" are current using the service?
@chrismessina Thank you very much for your feedback, the use of Comic Sans font was a mistake, we will correct it, kisshappy for user groups is people who has a great influence on society and promote the better life of the people within the organization, there is no going to completely open to everyone. As for the question you mentioned, there are actually many ways to collect emails, but we are not interested in collecting emails. Kisshappy is one of our amateur projects, it's an attempt, there are only a few people using it, we're not sure if it will be popular, maybe we'll close it soon.
@ebuxf ok, thank you. To be clear, I'm not against your efforts — per se. I just think there might be better ways to approach it. For example, have you talked to many of the folks you're targeting at these companies? Is the product you built something that they were asking for?
@chrismessina Everyone is eager to find their ideal life partner. If you ask them if they are interested in the idea, no one will say no. So to establish the original intention of this app is not because these research results, but I think the background values are close to the people are more likely to appreciate each other, it will be more than Tinder the watch face, the success rate will be higher, but this way of communication must have a filtering mechanism, to ensure the consistency of user context (for example: active, have received higher education).
This is the most insane concept I've ever seen on PH.