Kiss my Score - World Cup Russia 2018

Join your Friends on a Social Competition for the World Cup

Kiss my Score is a new way to live soccer (football).

It’s a simple and fun football prediction app where friendly competition is more than welcome.

Finally, fans have a way to interact with soccer (football) bringing back its social origin.

*World Cup 2018 Live Scores

*Leagues - Play against friends

*Group chat

Join the World Cup Edition!

  • Pros: 

    Kiss My Score makes it easy and fun to make football bets with friends. We can create groups to compete in and have fun conversations!


    Can't put the buy in money for the competition winner straight in-app, although it's already cool to have a points-system giving me status.

    I really enjoy following football games with my friends and chatting with them during the matches. Although Whatsapp is a fun place to do chatting part, in Kiss My Score I can both follow my betting stats and and have even more arguments to chat in-app... This also cleans up a bit my whatsapp spam. ;)

    Salvador Burnay Barros has used this product for one month.
  • Thaissa Katz
    Thaissa KatzMarketing Manager

    Social Community to live the soccer experience in a totally unique way!


    Nothing that I spotted yet!

    I loved that Kiss my Score is a super easy to use app, fun and appreciates the social part of soccer! It allows me to create leagues, invite my friends and talk with them on the chat. Love it!! Congrats!

    Thaissa Katz has used this product for one month.
My daughter convinced me at downloading Kiss my Score and I'm glad that she did. It's an amazing app! Very complete, super easy to use (even for a 54 year old guy like me 😄). I'm looking forward for the World Cup games!
Hello everyone 🔥 Just wanted to give you a walk-through Kiss my Score main Features (🎉🎁 check out the surprise in the last paragraph): *World Cup 2018 Live Scores Follow World Cup 2018 matches live scores, your predictions, your friends’ ones. Everything in real time. *Play against friends - Private leagues By creating a private league you’re able to get all your friends together around the World Cup 2018. With an independent leaderboard, a private chat you just need to set the stakes… and game on. *Group chat Any football addict dream made true. Besides checking who’s winning, the group chat allows you to do as much mind games and trash talk as you see fit. *Traction: -More than +70,000 players registered -4.7 App Store rating -More than 2M guesses made *Product Hunt League Let’s get all the hunters together and live the World Cup experience on the official Product Hunt League. May the best pundit win.
@joaoduarte Congratulations!! Love the app!
@ronaldo_katz Thanks Ronaldo ;)
The app is super involving! Specially with the options to create leagues and inviting your friends.. I keep competing with them and we can't seem to stop trash talking on the chat 😅 The World Cup edition is definitely going to be exciting!!!
I've been using Kiss my Score for a little bit more than 1 month now and I'm addicted! I love the importance of the social community behind the app. It makes it even more appealing and fun! :) I'm super excited to bet my friends on World Cup scores!
@tatakatz Thank you my lovely daughter for making me a cool dad! 😆
@tatakatz Couldn't agree more!! The real difference between this app and other sports apps is that it is a social community!
Hey guys, app is looking great but you should make a couple of tweaks to your landing page:
@billy_mx Hello Billy, thanks a lot for the heads up, we're fixing that up. Did you find the product interesting ?
@joaoduarte absolutely! I still have to find more friends to start a league. It would be awesome to add sponsors so they could offer rewards to best scores on private league, ie. join the Coca-Cola league, the Corona league, etc. Keep the good work going guys!