KISI for Slack

Open the door with a simple Slack command

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Looks cool and something lockitron misses
@romanzadyrako the business versions of Lockitron support this; type "/unlock" with the integration.
Thanks @zinssmeiste - where is the Ivyleads HQ located?
This is cool - does anyone use it? I want to know their experience :) So cool to see these 'offline' integrations that can be accessed from Slack!
@bentossell of course at KISI we use it in the office. we share our space with another company and the front door is behind a big wall from our side of the space. makes it impossible for us to see / hear the doorbell. Of course the KISI for Slack integration only works for people already on our company Slack, for visitors we have a Slack Doorbell :) > Best to use in a "front desk" channel, so several people can monitor. Otherwise if you don't see it, you can't send the command of course :)