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Email marketing for Facebook/ Instagram advertisers

KIRIM EMAIL lets any business start generating leads directly from Facebook Ad Campaigns and follow them up with email.
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That's the marketing app I was looking for, thanks!
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The statistic is a big pluse
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I've been interested for a while in the Non-Western market for digital tools and how immature that market is in comparison. @FikryFatullah's Kirim Email is one of the more interesting players here, having branched out from pure email marketing and into Facebook and Instagram integration. Who are the Western competitors??
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Fikry FatullahFounder & CEO of KIRIM.EMAIL
Greetings Hunters Thank you, @nile for the hunt. You can use Kirim Email free for the first month using coupon code: PRODUCTHUNT. A brief history of KIRIM.EMAIL and why it's the soulmate of your Facebook Ad campaigns. From the early days, KIRIM.EMAIL is focused on helping Facebook Advertiser as our primary customer segment. At first, it is not our best intention. At that time, using a greatly designed website and landing pages, and free ebooks are the norm in building an email list. So, at first, we have to think of a way to integrate our forms into a website or landing pages and make it easy enough for our users in Indonesia. Still, there's a learning curve in handling a website integration with KIRIM.EMAIL. Most of our user's early introduction to email marketing is through KIRIM.EMAIL. So they started from zero when signed up. Most of them didn't even have a website. However, early on, we realize that Facebook Ads are so popular among our early users (and small business in Indonesia as general). So we develop a direct integration with Facebook Lead Ads feature, directly inside KIRIM.EMAIL, without third-party apps/ plugins. This direct integration creates new possibilities to build an email list faster and website needed. Our user adopts it quickly. Just like that, we are the first email marketing company in the world that provides direct integration with Facebook Lead Ads. At that time, even MailChimp still depends on a third-party app for synchronizing leads from Facebook to the email list in MailChimp. Later, we deepen our Facebook integration with in-email Facebook Event, Facebook Canvas, and more. We understand our market clearly. Solopreneurs and small companies in Indonesia didn't use a website as the primary business platform. They are usually just using a single landing page, and then point it directly to Whatsapp or other chat platforms. So, after seeing that particular behavior, we've decided to go Facebook first, not Wordpress first or website first like any other email marketing company. That decision paid off well. Our customers love the feature, and for a while, there were practically zero competitors can do seamless Facebook Ads direct integration as we do. _____ Who We Are Currently, KIRIM.EMAIL is the largest email marketing service in Indonesia with over 15.000 users. We're sending up to 4.5 million emails daily. You can see our 2018 review on the infographic below: _____ Main Facebook Integration Feature In KIRIM.EMAIL. As stated above, what makes KIRIM.EMAIL different is we are focused on helping Facebook Advertiser first. Email marketing can't stand on its own. It needs a traffic generation platform for building high-quality email leads, and we believe Facebook Advertising is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow a high-quality email list for small companies. Currently, there's five main feature in KIRIM.EMAIL + Facebook integration: 1. Facebook Lead Ads Integration With this feature, you can sync the leads that you get from Facebook Lead Generation campaign directly to KIRIM.EMAIL. The process is just three steps and running seamlessly in the background. 2. Facebook Canvas Integration The primary function is the same as Facebook Lead Ads above. There's an interesting story that, after this update, some of our users ditch the landing page entirely in favor of Facebook Canvas's blazing speed. 3. Facebook Instant Article Subscriber Sync Bloggers and journalists can now sync their subscriber that subscribed at Facebook Instant Articles. 4. Email List To Custom Audience Sync With this feature, you can sync your email list directly to Facebook's Custom Audience. So there's no need to repeatedly export-import CSV file. All the process run seamlessly in the background. Your business's custom audience assets grow with your email list. 5. In-email Facebook Pixel Event You can get a more in-depth understanding of your subscriber behavior. Now you can target people that open, click, or unsubscribe inside the emails that they send. It opens up whole new possibilities of Facebook targeting. ____ Feel free to reach me at Thank you, @rrhoover & Product Hunt!
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